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Audrey Woodley is a prolific writer, motivational speaker, and a renowned business strategist who helps women identify solutions to their brand challenges. Audrey has launched a nonprofit as well as authoring books that inspire and uplift women. “I owe my success to my ability to create a strong brand that speaks directly to my target audience’’.

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Women’s History Month is always like a breathe of fresh air. To listen to our young powerful girls form the #STEPUP community to the powerful  #Girlbosses in media. With the movement of female power and #metoo brings us more together in knowing our voices matter at any age. We can stand our ground and create a movement for what is right or what is wrong. Giving today’s climate we are now setting higher goals, collaborating more, digging in, and being more conscious of what we’re not going to accept.

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Living in a male-dominated where people are always on their jobs makes it difficult for women to maintain a work-life balance. So how can a career woman be a family woman as well?

Maintaining this balance is especially difficult during a career transition. Below are five ways you can build and maintain a work-life balance.

1. Reading

Reading is essential because it helps you relax and it increases your knowledge and tolerance. When you are going through a transition in your career, reading at least one book a month will help you face the challenges ahead. You can read one page each day. So go to a bookstore and get books for training ambitious women.

2. Engage in Team-Building and Regular Exercises

If you're a business owner, you can start an arrangement for team-building exercises. Allow your employees the opportunity to foster a sense of team Building Teamwork in the office. Let them depend on each other for support.

Working out personally and with your team will also help stimulate the brain and boost productivity. You'll have a healthy, happy life and as such, stress will be reduced to the barest minimum.

 3. Journaling

Boost your level of awareness by journaling your thoughts and feelings. It will help you identify and treat the problem. You'll be able to review your past and make amends for the future. Think about your ideas, career ambitions, family goals and write them all down. Write your setbacks and your success.

Journaling helps you pay attention to what matters and how everything came to be. It helps build your confidence; it builds momentum, and it deepens the level of connection and awareness in your work and life. It propels you towards what you want to accomplish. When you keep a journal you'll be mindful all the time.

4. Community Service Project

Engaging in community service projects along with your team members. It will help boost team productivity and teamwork. It is relatively easy to start these projects. When you engage in community service, you feel happier, gain some experience, it offers more options and flexibility, and you'll be making a difference in the world.

5. Delegate

It doesn't matter how strong you are; you can't do everything by yourself. You need to learn to delegate duties at home. If you have kids, assign each one to chore and certify them when they complete tasks. This is a good way to encourage them to keep helping you.

If you are an entrepreneur, you need to learn to delegate tasks to your employees. Let them work with you to make your business grow. Allow them to share their thoughts and opinions with you.  

No matter what, always remember that it's not a one size fits all situation. However, these tips will help you make productive decisions at home and work. Always have a plan! No plan book with me and take action.


Audrey Woodley is Brand Therapist who helps women identify solutions to their brand challenges. She uses new-age problem solving tactics, proven strategies and customized solutions to help women build and sustain a successful brand.