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Audrey Woodley is a prolific writer, motivational speaker, and a renowned business strategist who helps women identify solutions to their brand challenges. Audrey has launched a nonprofit as well as authoring books that inspire and uplift women. “I owe my success to my ability to create a strong brand that speaks directly to my target audience’’.



Go Gurl Business Party©

Who it's for:

Are you looking to map out your dreams and manifest what you want in the comfort of your home? 

Let me be your host with 10 of your girlfriends where we share and connect to your true divine purpose. 

Are you feeling out of shape? Are you ready to travel? Looking to vibe with other like minded women? Do you need to release? Day Time Women Focused Parties is the best way to get yourself together without judgement, but with support and visualization.

Leave with confidence, clarity, and personal map to help you launch a badass YOU. Dreamboard box for each person is included.

We bring the party to you, in the comfort of your own space. Travel fee is not included.

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Mindfulness & Mentoring

Many women business owners struggle with the question of why people are not buying what they are selling. And, the reasons run the gamut from people are not familiar with

their business brand, confusing brand messaging that does not speak directly to the value of the products/services being offered and let's not forget the worst offender...poor brand visibility. These are just

a few obstacles that prevent successful outcomes for entrepreneurs

Desire is the engine that runs Capitalism

Brand value speaks to desirability.  Customers will purchase what they desire in conjunction with the characteristics of function or form or both. Your product/service has to help your customer do something, or your product/service has to make them look and/or feel good. They can buy a dress to cover their body, this is function. But a designer dress will usually fit better and make them look better, this is form. Form boosts their esteem and helps them achieve some level of status that relates to the status that they have attached to the designer of the garment. To be blunt, your brand identity should create desire in the customer.  Your brand's function is its ability to help your client through access to your products/services.Your brand form is how your brand relates to your competitors i.e. Is the customer more likely to purchase your products/services or those of your competitor?

That explains the buyer's purchasing mindset. But what about the seller' selling mindset? The seller has to have a mind re-set to be able to provide what the buyer desires. And, "S-T-E-P-I-T-U-P" delivers powerful instructions for how this is achieve


CaptivateHer© Mastermind Programs

As a female entrepreneur, the platform will assist you to discover strategies for maximizing social media awareness and the relevance of being unique and knowing your niche. Entrepreneurs face various challenges at different phases of their business development. Aware of this fact, Audrey Woodley makes available human and digital resources to assist business owners to identify, analyze and overcome challenges no matter how big or small.

This support platform stresses the importance of sharing and being authentic through developing your business and empowering other people.
It is imperative that entrepreneurs are fully prepared to be held responsible and accountable for achieving success in their business. Hence, Audrey Woodley’s platform is designed to help women entrepreneurs with self-image and personal development and assist them in getting clear and focused.

Being a successful entrepreneur who understands the struggles, fears, and doubts that come from managing your own business, Audrey Woodley offers services to help other female entrepreneurs actualize their business goals and take their brands to the next level. These programs include:

Benefits of Becoming a Certified Coach
1. Develop your brand and define your business
2. Build a social media brand capable of magnetizing your ideal clients
3. Monetize your platform and gain visibility
4. Increase your chances of getting sponsors
5. Produce your digital assets, video or podcast

Regardless of how smart or seasoned you are, running a business is hard and even harder is building a successful business. As an entrepreneur, you can accomplish much with a team of support. If you are ready to unveil your brand and you require help launching it, sign up today with