7 CPR Master Class

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7 CPR Master Class Cover.png

7 CPR Master Class


The 7 CPR Principles is a personal development, self-discovery for career and aspiring entrepreneurs.

7 step personal development foundation e-course that will help a women get clear on her goals, gift, and branding before she starts jumping around losing money trying to start her online business. The bonus is the women will get PR and Marketing from me when they launch their product or service.



It’s time for you to get clear. Crystal clear. It’s time to find the magic vision for your brand. The Brand Therapist is here to help you. Take a long hard look at your To Do list… because it’s all going to get done, faster and more effectively than you ever could’ve imagined! Now you’ve found the mentoring you need to uncover the business superstar you’ve been hiding all along! Join the 7 C.P.R. Principles Program and you’ll receive: 
* Private online coaching
* Downloadable worksheets to keep you on game
* Exclusive access to a live training group on Facebook
* Email Support
* A Brand Story Edit
* …and so much more!

Take your dreams to the next level. Sign up today! Pick your package to go!

1. The 7 Day CPR Challenge
2. The Brand Story Master Class
3. 7 CPR Personal Brand Master Class

Work With Audrey!

Are you ready for 2017? Have you outlined your vision and goals? Get clear on your brand with a 7 CPR Master Class that will help you discover your voice, value, and your brand style. This is for women that want to create their brand presence and learn how to create and pitch a personalized brand story to captivate their audience and build their online presence. Get ahead of 2017 by enrolling in the 7 C.P.R. Master Class.