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CHICAGO, IL (October 8th , 2017) - Ambitious and fledging female entrepreneurs struggling to keep the dream alive are set to get doses of inspiration in the new book, Delayed but Not Denied co-authored by Audrey Woodley.

The book compiled by Toni Coleman Brown and Julia D. Shaw is a dynamic resource featuring 20 inspirational stories about life and resiliency. The book boasts a perfect five star rating and recently hit the #2 spot on Amazon for Kindle Best sellers in the category of Motivation Self-Help.

Woodley's story titled How C.P.R. Changed My Life tells empowering story of how she overcame a string of adversity to become a successful business woman. Everyone knows CPR as Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. But Audrey has redefined this acronym to mean Condition Prayer and Reflection- three basics that helped her manoeuvre out of the deep dark pit of debt and despair.  

She said: "Many don't know that I hit rock bottom. My marriage didn't work, my credit was bankrupt, and my so called good paying teaching job with benefits gave me the pink slip. With no money in the bank, bankrupt, I had to fall on my knees and ask God, please save me from this sinking boat."


Since I've lost my best friend and mother, I dedicate this book to her and honor her with Beauty For A Cause, Breast Cancer Brunch, is to honor her overcoming  breast cancer, domestic violence, self-worth, and alcoholism. Ms. Rita Woodley never quit or lost vision for her dreams, she was always on the battlefield fighting for her life as a breast cancer survivor for ten years. So, her legacy  would live on and her work as advocate for women in health and education, will be an honor to carry her mission through. 

Come celebrate with us The Heminway's Bistro, Oak Park, Il,  with dynamic speakers, honoree's and as we honor our own Shero's in community on the fight for cancer cure. I'm hosting the 2nd Annual Breast Cancer Leadership & Legacy Award to honor our women that's standing in the gap and empowering other women.

Join us here #BFAC17

" I don't wait for opportunities, I create them" Audrey L. Woodley



The business of beauty

Woodley has several events lined up in 2017 for female entrepreneurs who are serious about taking their business to the next level. Among them is the 7 CPR Principles Personal Development Boot Camp, Business Training, Webinars, and Start-Up Workshops. She is also available for speaking engagements.  Delayed But Not Denied is available in paperback and kindle format. To purchase the book or to learn more about Woodley's events or products visit:

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