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Audrey Woodley is a prolific writer, motivational speaker, and a renowned business strategist who helps women identify solutions to their brand challenges. Audrey has launched a nonprofit as well as authoring books that inspire and uplift women. “I owe my success to my ability to create a strong brand that speaks directly to my target audience’’.

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Women’s History Month is always like a breathe of fresh air. To listen to our young powerful girls form the #STEPUP community to the powerful  #Girlbosses in media. With the movement of female power and #metoo brings us more together in knowing our voices matter at any age. We can stand our ground and create a movement for what is right or what is wrong. Giving today’s climate we are now setting higher goals, collaborating more, digging in, and being more conscious of what we’re not going to accept.

5 Ways to Scale Your Business with a Signature Course.

Audrey Woodley

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5 Ways to Scale Your Business and Create a Signature Brand

Whether you're trying to grow your start-up company in less than a year or turn on yourself into a million-dollar start-up owner, the very best objectives are critical in creating the drive and inspiration needed to turn your concept right into reality. Make no mistake about it, a familiar brand is among one of the most valuable properties to a company. Scaling takes some proficiency; it is a vital balancing act which takes a great deal of skill and a little luck.

Establish your target audience.

The base for creating the success story is to determine your target audience. You cannot be everything to everyone right? So always remember the specific person you are trying to reach. You'll modify your goal and message to satisfy their exact needs. Identifying the right target audience will certainly support your brand advertising and marketing, so it is the most definite crucial first step towards your victory!

Set up top qualities & benefits of your company.

Your products, solutions, and benefits belong absolutely to you, dive down deep and determine what to use, that no one else is using. Focus on the high qualities and benefits that make your brand special. Give them a reason to select your brand over another. Think of exactly how your offer that boosts consumers' lives and this will help scale your business. 

Create your brand name influence.

This is exactly how you communicate with your clients, and also how they respond to you. You want to pick a brand voice that reflects your personality. You’ll see that if you discover and make use of the appropriate voice, you have the greatest chance of connecting with customers. Keeping a consistent voice will assist your brand being identified on multiple networks. 

Incorporate your brand.

The brand building procedure never ever stops. Your trademark name needs to appear in everything that your client can see, review, and listen to on any type of accessible platform,, make sure that your brand looks the same anywhere. Utilize your trademark name design guide to create uniformity with visuals such as color and logo designs, typefaces, digital photography etc. When you establish your web site, incorporate your voice, message, and personality right into the material.

Be your brand’s biggest advocate.

Once you build a brand that works for your small business, you are the best advocates to market your business. Nobody recognizes your brand name better than you, so it’s up to you to spread the news to the world. When hiring workers, guarantee that they is a culture fit aligning with the mission, vision, and worth of your business. Offer your devoted customers a voice and urge them to post testimonials, or share your material.

Audrey Woodley is Brand Therapist who helps women identify solutions to their brand challenges. She uses new-age problem solving tactics, proven strategies and customized solutions to help women build and sustain a successful brand